A Few Reminders ...

A Few Reminders for our Families

  • When calling your child in sick, you only need to make one telephone call.  Please call the school nurse, Noelia Woodward, at 781-344-7003 Ext. 7349 or leave a message on your child's teacher's voice mail.
  • When dropping your child off for Preschool, please park in the designated parking areas, between the white lines.  Parking places marked “Reserved” are for school staff. Areas with yellow markings are reserved for transportation vans.  Also, please do not leave your car unattended while it is running.
  • Keep sending in those Box Tops for our preschool! Box Tops are found on hundreds of participating products throughout your grocery store and each one is worth 10 cents for the school. Amounts add up quickly so keep snipping!