Parent - Coach Communication

Article VI - Handbook of Athletic Standards

Parent-Coach Communication Guide

Section 6.01 - Parenting and coaching are difficult vocations. If we understand each of these roles and establish good communication, we are better able to accept our respective responsibilities and support our student-athletes. Effective communication is vital and requires participation, dedication, sacrifice and communication from parents, student-athletes and coaches.

Section 6.02 - Your child’s coach, you should expect communication regarding:

  1. Coach and program’s philosophy.

  2. Individual and team expectations.

  3. Location and times of all practices and games.

  4. Team requirements: practices, special equipment, suggested off-season conditioning.

  5. The procedures followed if your child is injured during practice or game.    

  6. Any interest shown by non-Stoughton High School coaches in your son/daughter regarding future athletic opportunities.

  7. Any discipline that may result in the denial of your child’s participation.

Section 6.03 - From parents, coaches should expect:

  1. Concerns, including those about a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations, expressed directly to the coach.

  2. Notifications of schedule conflicts well in advance.

  3. Support for the program and the commitment and responsibility that are essential ingredients for success and excellence. Encourage your child to excel.

Section 6.04 - While your child is involved in interscholastic athletics, he or she will experience rewarding and inspiring moments. At other times things may not go the way you or your child wishes. Encourage your child to speak to his or her coach directly regarding these situations. Dealing with issues is a vital part of the development that young people must go through to be successful later in life. If the student-athlete to coach conversation has not satisfied concerns, we would then encourage you to speak directly to the coach.

Section 6.07 - Appropriate concerns for discussions with coaches:

  • The psychological and physical treatment of your child.

  • Ways to help your child improve and develop.

  • Concerns about your child’s behavior.

Section 6.08 - Inappropriate concerns for discussion with coaches:

  • Playing time

  • Team strategy

  • Play calling

  • Other student-athletes

  • Activity Fees and payment of such

For More information on how to effectively communicate with the coaching staff, please refer to the Handbook of Athletic Standards, Article VI (Parent-Coach Communication Guide). You can view the handbook by clicking here.

Click here to view the entire Coaching Staff's contact information, listed by season and sport. Please allow the coach a grace period of 24 hours to answer any and all emails.